White fillings

As well as providing an effective repair for tooth decay or damage, white (or composite) fillings offer a natural-looking alternative to more obvious amalgam ones, as they are made from a tooth-coloured resin which blends in with your teeth.

They support the structure of a damaged tooth, helping to prevent further breakage and sensitivity and can be placed on the front or back teeth.

Composite fillings have a more aesthetic appeal and are now made from modern materials which offer durability. Their life expectancy will depend on the depth of the cavity to be filled and its position in the mouth.

Treatment steps

  • The area to be treated can be numbed with a local anaesthetic and the decayed area of tooth removed.
  • The colour-matched shade of composite is applied in layers.
  • Each layer is hardened with a special bright light and the resin shaped to provide a functional restoration.

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